Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pete Hoekstra for Senate



Pete Hoekstra co-founded the Tea Party Caucus while serving in the U.S. House and he became known nationally as an advocate for grassroots conservatives.

In 2011, the non-partisan watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste named Hoekstra a "taxpayer super hero."

Congressman Pete Hoekstra has fought to limit the size and scope of the federal government since he was first elected to Congress. Notably, Pete stood up against his Republican colleagues to lead fight against No Child Left Behind.

Pete has truly embraced the ideals of the Tea Party since his first campaign. He rode his bike across the district and captured the hearts of conservatives who propelled him to victory despite being outspent by his opponent 15:1.

Pete has been known as a “Penny Pincher” throughout his entire career. As a Congressman he famously slept on the couch in his office rather than waste money on expensive hotel rooms or rent.


Government Reform: Lifetime American Conservative Union rating of 90/100

Pete will limit government, focus on growth, and work to create jobs.  With that vision, we can create the right environment to encourage entrepreneurs and small businesses to flourish.

Pro Life: 100 percent lifetime rating from the National Right to Life Committee

Pete supported the ban on partial-birth abortion, voted to criminalize the harming of unborn children when another crime is committed, voted to ban taxpayer aid to foreign groups that promote abortion as a means of family planning, and worked on many other efforts to stop abortion.

 He holds the sanctity of life with the utmost respect and will continue his efforts to protect the lives of our unborn children as Michigan’s U.S. Senator.

Second Amendment: Straight A’s from the NRA

Pete has repeatedly supported the right of law-abiding citizens to purchase firearms and has opposed any legislation that seeks to diminish individuals' Second Amendment rights.

When gun shows were endangered by legislation that required time-consuming background checks on purchasers, Pete supported legislation that computerized and expedited the process to save the gun shows.


Rep. Michele Bachmann:

"Pete's a great friend with a real vision for helping Michigan to lead the fight against the Obama/ Stabenow agenda...he joined me in starting the House Tea Party Caucus, and we need him as Michigan's next Senator. This is your opportunity to send a strong message to Washington by electing a Senator who will work to restore the freedom that will put Michigan back to work with a pro-growth economy."


Rep. Steve King:

"Pete Hoekstra is a man who acts on his convictions boldly and without hesitation. He knows what he believes, is a social and fiscal Constitutional conservative, a foreign policy, border and national security expert, and he inspires others to follow his lead. America has big challenges ahead which require outside the box thinking. Pete is not afraid of the left and not bound by convention. Pete Hoekstra is the right person to send to the U.S. Senate."



Gov. John Kasich:

"Pete Hoekstra and I stood side by side as we reformed welfare, fought government spending, balanced the budget, and implemented pro-growth tax policies.  We got the right things done and America prospered.  I am proud to support him and know that he will make an excellent United States Senator."



Sen. Pat Toomey:

"Pete Hoekstra and I served together in Congress and he was one of my best pro-growth allies.  We need him in the United States Senate so that we can fight together to cut government spending and reduce the debt.  I proudly endorse Pete for US Senate and urge fiscal conservatives across Michigan to join the team."




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